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Celebrate Qatar MotoGP Day the Underdog Way!​

The Grand Prix of Qatar is the longest-awaited MotoGP race of the year and we’re all ready for it. The question is- are the bikes?

There’s a unique possibility that anyone can achieve a podium finish at the first MotoGP race of the season. I’ll be hoping for a feel-good race with an unexpected outcome- the triumph of a supremely talented and perhaps overlooked rider that defies the odds.

In honor of the underdogs, the satellite teams and the less-supported riders, we’ll host a MotoGP party that celebrates the under-appreciated and allows them to triumph.

We’ll pay tribute by bringing the most under-estimated foods to victory, because we know they have the potential to win. Here are a handful of ideas for an underdog themed racing get-together, all easy to prepare the day before.


Adult Root Beer Floats

We may have outgrown traditional root beer floats, but this nostalgia-inducing recipe is a winner. Warn your first-place finisher that they might need a slow-down lap, because you can’t taste the alcohol.


1 OZ Jameson

½ OZ Irish Cream Liqueur

½ OZ Butterscotch Schnapps

½ OZ Heavy Whipping Cream

Add ice cubes to extra tall glass, combine all ingredients & top with icy cold root beer

(Don’t over-fill, because it will foam like a traditional float.)

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

The simple hot dog… so unassuming. With a little tinkering and the right upgrades, this underdog is a definite winner.


Hot Dogs


Toppings- Avocado, shredded cheese, nacho cheese, tomatoes, jalapenos, pickled carrots, grilled peppers & onions.

​​Wrap a slice or two of strippy bacon around each dog, tucking in the end.

Grill on BBQ until bacon is crispy, or even bake in the oven on foil-lined cookie sheet at 400° for around 40 minutes.

Top Ramen & Vegetable Salad

This crunchy, ridiculously inexpensive and easy to prepare dish is always a fan favorite. Prepare it the day before so you can watch the racing live.


4 packages chicken ramen noodles, crushed

4 diced celery stalks

1 diced medium bell pepper

1 cup frozen peas

1 cup mayonnaise

Cook 3 top ramen packages as directed without adding seasoning packets. Drain, rinse in cold water & add to mixing bowl.

Add 1 crushed uncooked ramen package, vegetables, mayonnaise & 2-3 packages of top ramen seasoning (depending on taste.)


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