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It’s difficult to write about us, but I suppose it’s important for understanding the choices we’ve made and the experiences we’ve had in our adventures.

We’re a California couple that’s been together for 20+ years. Frankly, we’ve accomplished this feat by putting ourselves first and focusing on what makes us most happy together. Typically we camp, take trips to Las Vegas and enjoy time at home, hosting parties and barbecuing.

I love to research things and plan vacations and parties. As a fine art major in college, I was told that I’m too organized for art, so I found a career in advertising. After hours, I’m dedicated to researching vacations and planning different ways we can enjoy ourselves. I’m also hopelessly addicted to Twitter and read anything I can about racers, their teams and their bikes.

The Kid is a lifelong fan of motorcycles, having ridden since before he was of legal age. He’d ultimately prefer to just ride, but my reluctance as a passenger has brought about a different path for us. He actually sold his bike to buy a truck when we first started dating, just so he could take me out on dates. Although I didn’t understand his sacrifice at the time, within a year I’d learned the consequence of depriving a rider of his bike and we remedied the situation. He still rides solo, but now he has an incredibly enthusiastic wife that will go anywhere that motorcycle racing happens.

Having experienced a handful of life-affirming years, we decided to put our bucket lists in high gear. Our perspective on life had changed, and it was time to live right now.

Our passions, although different, are symbiotic. He loves motorcycles. I love planning. We both love racing. We began planning our once-in-a-lifetime motorcycle racing trip together.

Although we’re pretty California laid-back, our first trip to Europe really needed to be well-organized. We had to get the timing right, so we could attend the events we wanted and still have time to play tourist. It was a frustrating challenge from the start. There’s not a lot of information available on how to attend the British GP or races at the Isle of Man, let alone how to get there through public transportation.

I took notes as I researched. Which train station seems best? Which hotels are near these stations and near the track? What happens if it rains- what options are available? I guess what I really wanted was for someone else to speak up and tell me that they had tried it and how it had worked out, but I never found that person.

Here in sunny California, everything grows on trees except money, so we had to do this on a budget, yet enjoyably. We did splurge. After all, this was our one opportunity to do everything we wanted to do. Somehow, we still came in under-plan, although we made up for that in souvenir t-shirts.

I’ve decided to record our experiences and share them here. It helps me remember every single delightful moment we had. It will help me plan for our future trips. I hope it will help someone else make the choice to create their own memories.

As you read this site, please remember that I am just a human, and not a very adventurous one. This was our first trip beyond our continent, and many things took me by surprise. Most surprising is our immediate desire to go back, do it again, or do something new altogether.

Your feedback is imperative to helping me plan further trips, as well as helping others with theirs. Please contact me with any information or questions you may have, so that we can share with others. Let's make things nice for the people.

About These Other Folks...


One of our oldest friends, Brent, Fuego and The Kid go back over 25 years.  He’s a former AFM racer, and current avid rider. He’s known to put over 32,000 miles on a bike per year, but his greatest claim to fame is once owning a bike for less than four hours. Having tireless energy, he’ll hike almost any hill for a great vantage point. Despite his reluctance to attend races in lieu of riding, he actually appears to enjoy our company and he's created countless memories through his good-natured shenanigans.


The Real Jerry

There’s no substitute for The Real Jerry. Fueled with energy drinks and driven to experience everything possible, he’s genuinely a guy that we want around.

Which is great, because he seldom has a plan for the races he attends and always calls at the last minute to reserve his sleeping spot on the floor. He’s given us enough belly laughs and attended enough events with us that it’s time he has a profile on our site.

He doesn’t elaborate much on his racing endeavors, but mostly thrills us with videos of pushing it too far. Jerry began riding in 2004 and raced his 2007 Triumph Daytona 675 for five years before he switched to a 2010 Ninja 250. Since then he’s been road-tripping in his van with his dog, and even rode his Honda CB500X solo 7,500 miles to Tuktoyaktuk, Canada, where his bike took a dip in the Arctic Ocean.

The Real Jerry’s greatest contribution to our racing events? It’s not his planning. I think it’s fair to say he brings us amusement, whether it’s hiking the hills with a freshly broken arm in cast with a permanent thumbs-up, or if it’s the time he spent three nights sleeping on a swivel chair/end-table/desk chair combination and woke up refreshed. But his greatest claim to fame; Lin Jarvis approached this Rossi-fan’s table while he sat with Fuego and The Mrs. and said nothing- for a half an hour. It’s reported that he did laugh once.

Mrs. F

The Mrs. is my main mischief-maker. Any plan, any time, is a good plan. We consult, coordinate, and then coerce the others into participation. The Mrs. is known to carry a Mary Poppins-ish bag stocked with anything required (including cheese plates), provide plentiful refreshments, and procure a spot at the least available tables. She once performed in a show-stopping background role in a post-race press conference starring Coooooooolllllliiiiiiiiiiiiin Edwards.

The Professor

He truly is, or at least he used to be. We initially met him when his bike was in need of repair. We’re proud to see his position has changed since then, and now The Professor is the best kind of friend to have around. He mostly arrives on-time, and always with a home-made delectable treat themed to the event. Never condescending, he is always happy to ponder life’s big questions and discuss science-related questions with those of us that need it explained most. 


He belongs to The Mrs., but if left unattended, he becomes Fuego and is particularly rambunctious. He's a former Supermoto racer, but he’s currently the most enthusiastic of racing fans. His knowledge (and insane memory) go back to his childhood and beyond. Fuego always has a rapid response, photo, or information available- immediately upon request. He frequently feels used for his knowledge, but I’m aware that he’s manipulated me into the fan that I am, primarily for his own benefit. His other contributions to our racing experiences includes refusing to sit during a race (leaving ample seating for the rest of us) and he’s also our resident racing hype-man, clapping wildly throughout.

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