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How to Plan, Pack, Travel, Camp & Enjoy the British Round of MotoGP.


Having lost the GP at our home circuit several years ago, we decided we were ready to travel to attend a race weekend. Of course, COTA in Austin is our closest venue, but flights and hotels aren’t cheap. It suddenly occurred to me, what if we go somewhere else? England is tops on my to-do list (Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London, primarily.) I mentioned it to The Kid, and his response was, “I’m not going over there unless we go to the Isle of Man, too.” Simple- we’ll fit it all in.

Scheduling was fairly easy. A few days in Dublin, a few days in IOM for racing practice, a weekend at Silverstone and then end the trip in London. It really was our dream trip and we managed to see and do everything that was essential on this vacation.


The problem is, our racing bug isn’t gone, now. I still day-dream of sleeping in a tent at the racetrack, or indulging in fresh, hot donuts and sipping cappuccinos at the IOM grandstand. I know we’ll go back; if I just plan this properly.

Choosing Tickets
Camping at Silverstone
Experiencing Silverstone



Brands Hatch- Last time I looked, they did driving events pretty frequently. AND- you can actually choose to drive a McLaren, which seems like a pretty fun idea. Plus- this is the oldest, purpose-built vehicle racetrack in the world.

Donington Park Circuit Driving Experiences- Reasonably priced. Includes two laps as passenger and three laps as driver. Or, you can choose two different cars.

Ace Café- Everyone else I know has stopped by here, but we couldn’t find the time. It looks like they host some fun events, plus it’s a great opportunity to grab some souvenirs.

(Attended MotoGP Silverstone August 2017)

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