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If you’re traveling by train, bus, taxi, etc,  I recommend getting an early start toward the track. We flew from IOM that morning, took a train from Liverpool to Milton Keynes and then a cab to the track. We arrived at the front gates around 6PM and after numerous distractions and mix-ups, we didn’t actually find our tent until close to 9PM (which makes me quite tired and cranky.) PLUS- we missed our opportunity to take a jaunt to a local store and stock up on rations for the races. There is a grocery store about an 8-minute walk from Milton Keynes train station and you can stock up on snacks and cool, refreshing beverages.

Don’t rely on bus transportation to or from the track, despite what the track’s website says. They occasionally run a few buses early in the morning, but it’s not a reliable mode of transportation. Plan on spending between 30-40 GBPs each way via taxi.

The campsite gave us driving directions, but our taxi driver didn’t really want to hear about them. Instead, he dropped us right at the front entrance to the race track. This was actually kind of nice, because this is where they hold all will-call race tickets.

For our departure on Monday, we really had no plan. We intended to hike out to one of the main streets and look for a local business, then use our cell phone to call a taxi. We were concerned about how a taxi would find us on the side of a random road. We actually lucked out and found another car-less couple that had already called for a cab. We ended up sharing the taxi (5 people plus 4 large backpacks in 1 Prius) to Northampton train station. Northampton is actually closer to the track and closer to London, but it’s a much smaller station. The trains from Northampton are a bit less frequent than at Milton Keynes and they aren’t the same high-speed trains as they have at Milton Keynes Central.

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