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Sharing Everything I Love About The Isle of Man

I wonder if the Isle of Man wants to be kept a secret. We don’t know anyone that goes there, but we do know many that want to. Through all my preparations, I found countless statements about its legendary racing history, but nothing much about its beauty or its resident’s passion and pride.

I apologize for betraying the island’s confidence. Now that we’ve visited, I want nothing else but to return. I’d bring everyone that I love with me. Lose them in the pits. Watch them awe as a rider catches flight before their eyes. Take a sea-side break as we all quietly revel in the day we shared. What I mostly want is to absorb the earnest energy of the people that live and breathe for these races.

There’s a passion here that I’ve never seen before. And I feel like I’m part of it now.

(Attended ManxGP practice August 2017)

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