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We went full-tourist while not at the races. One of the best choices we made was to purchase multi-day City Passes both in Dublin and London. We were able to pay for all our sightseeing in advance and for many of the attractions we were able to skip the line. There are plenty of Trip Advisor reviews, so it felt like a pretty sound investment.


The passes include different types of local transportation, including the cheesy hop-on-hop-off bus, which was incredibly convenient. In addition to the fun sightseeing narration, they drop-off and pick-up right in front of the most popular places to visit. Road closures in Dublin left us turned around while on foot, but a passing driver kindly stopped in a random spot when we flashed our cards at him.


It was worth every dime, because we were more inclined to stop into lots of different places that we might not have, if we had to pay individually. If you prefer just to take photos in front of landmarks, this pass probably isn’t right for you.

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