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Hospitality at Home


Celebrating the races at home can be as much fun as attending them in person.

Picture your closest fan friends, all gathered around the television, drinking Stella, cheering as the underdog makes an impossible pass for podium finish.

These are my favorite Sundays of all. This is where most of my research, knowledge, and absolute love of racing really comes into play. I pour my passion into these experiences.

For our crazy little crew, it’s not just a race it’s a celebration of spirit, sportsmanship and culture.

We prepare food, beverages, and even outfits and decorations to coordinate with the country hosting the race. We each take turns throwing parties, relieving some of the planning pressure, and enjoy each other’s perspectives of loosely-authentic foreign fare.

Take out, or food freshly prepared at home — it makes no difference when you’re surrounded by friends listening to Flamenco, sipping sangria and snacking on empanadas while watching the Catalunya GP.

It’s our pleasure to share our enthusiasm with you and hope it will encourage you to host a VIP hospitality package at home. Share your love of racing with those that you love.

Searching for fun ways to celebrate racing at home, I came across a great little store online.


I ordered a set of these coasters and was able to select four different circuits. They shipped out really quickly and make a beautiful little addition to our office. She also makes wine and pint glasses. Check it out!

Viva Motorsport

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